Entrusted to provide manufacturing tracebility and automation solutions to a multitude of industries, globally.

Semiconductor & MEMS

Uniquely suited to digitize traceability of semiconductor and MEMs wafer fabrication, assembly and test processes, through to serialized die and module. 

By solving the complexities of wafer and die level multi chip-on-chip assembly tracking and control, our solutions are the best in class for emerging technologies like Silicon Photonics.

From NPI to high volume production within the same system.   Front-end to back-end processes, including metrology and inspection, electrical and optical sort, through dicing and packaging. 

Expansive machine and tester integrations enable automated traceability and control, with user configurable SPC settings, including event trigger notifications and actions.

From single production line to a globally integrated factory solution, without the associated cost and resource burdens. 

Enabling operational execution at the speed of Startup innovation.


What You Should Know About Serialized Traceability

SMT & Backend Assembly

From laser marker, through solder print, pick and place, AOI /AXI, reflow, ICT, including backend manual assembly and test, and more.  Intraratio provides complete serialized traceability and control across the entire SMT line.

With thousands of existing machine integrations, we are the only solution to integrate across all major machine systems, with zero third party software required. 

Realtime data capture and processing of traceability information, machine settings and sensor / IoT data, delivers unparalleled visibility and control.  

From supplier component source, through PCBA, to final system test and inspection, including rework and retest.  

Ensuring rapid deployment, cost effectiveness and scale for any size operation.

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Optical Transceivers & Fiber

Intraratio delivers the only MES+IoT platform tailored to solving the complexities of managing and tracking Silicon Photonics based optical transceivers and next generation communications systems. 

From source SiPh semiconductor and MEMs device fabrication, to supplier component traceability, electrical and optical sort testing, multi chip-on-chip assembly, through to final module assembly and test. 

With native integrations to connect global semiconductor fabrication sources, through to back-end assembly and test suppliers, our solutions are able to automate the traceability and quality control of production and test at every stage of the manfucturing process.



Our automotive customers are redefining the ways vehicles are designed and built.  By leveraging new technologies they are pushing the boundaries of computing and energy storage in the pursuit of efficiency, safety and reliability.  

Intraratio's deep expertise in automating manufacturing control and traceability of complex electrical and electronics systems, with the ability to directly integrate most assembly machine systems, ensures we are the right technology partner to help deliver the future  in transportation.

From solar cells, electronics subsystems, batteries, chassis and structural assemblies, to the final firmware and software installed.  Complete digitized traceability of today's advanced electric vehicle assembly lines.



Medical Devices

Meet compliance with one of the most powerful and flexible solutions for automated quality control. 

Track electronics assembly, consumables, biologics, reagents, chemicals, test and inspection, and more.  From manual operations through to automated machine operations, including device firmware and field specific calibrations.

Fully manage the complexity of product traceability and process control in a unified system. 

Get to market faster with the right tools to reduce quality risk, control costs and deliver to demand.

Integrate with ERP and back office systems to further reduce the risk of human data entry errors across your supply chain. 



Space & Military Communication

Mission critical systems require full manufacturing traceability in order to ensure product reliability and conformance.

Intraratio's solutions provide complete digitized traceability from supplier source to final assembly, test and inspection. 

From source semiconductor devices through to system assembly and test, including machine settings and environment sensor data at each stage.  All within a single secure platform with high availability and redundancy.

Comprehensive audit data is collected in realtime,  delivering an unparalleled ability to manage quality and reliability, and enabling deep root cause analysis capabilities. 

Our customers manufacture optical communications flight systems to space satellite sub-systems, delivering these products for use in the most sophisticated weapons and flight systems of today.


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