Real-Time Quality, Yield and IoT Data Storage and Management

Test, assembly, machine, sensor, and supplier data capture, with advanced analytics and SPC.

Component genealogy, control charts, trend charts, histograms, box plots, wafer and PCBA substrate mapping, and more.

Why DataCard?

Real-time product, machine, sensor and supplier data capture for advanced reporting and automation.


A powerful and intuitive yield management system that automatically captures and stores tester, machine, sensor and supplier data in real-time.  Production yield and asset performance monitoring, device characterization analysis, genealogy traceability, all in a single platform.

Real-time data capture of IIoT machine, sensor, test, inspection, wafer, assembly map, printed circuit board assembly, log data, and more.

Deployed on premise, cloud or hybrid, accessible from a secure browser connection anywhere on your network.

Configured as a stand-alone system, or integrated directly with our MES solution for expanded automated quality control capabilities.

Self managed, with automated administration monitors and alerts.  Zero dedicated IT required.



Intraratio DataCard


DataCard System Benefits




check-circle-solid (1)Statistical & yield trends, paretos
check-circle-solid (1) Device characterization

check-circle-solid (1)
Substrate mapping: wafer, stripline, pcba
check-circle-solid (1)Genealogy

check-circle-solid (1)
Root cause

Rapid ROI


check-circle-solid (1)Yield improvement

check-circle-solid (1)Performance improvement

check-circle-solid (1)Test time reduction

Powerful Capabilties

Powerful Capabilities


check-circle-solid (1)Customized analytics with outlier exclusion

check-circle-solid (1)Direct integration with computing tools: JMP, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and Minitab

check-circle-solid (1)Seamless scalability

DataCard Features

Dashboard Reporting

Standard & Custom Dashboard Reporting

Realtime production statistical analysis, defect and genealogy traceability, to NPI (new product introduction) and device characterization  analysis.  All in one solution.   Chart libraries include parametric trends and distributions, defect and bin paretos, wafer and substrate maps, and more.  Including the ability to generate customized reports for more targeted analyses. 

Data Mining

Data Mining

Full contextual data can be accessed from external software such as Python, R, JMP, MatLab, LabVIEW, Minitab, and more.  This enables new data capabilities such as AI / Machine Learning, in order to deliver deeper insights and data automation across your organization.   Connectivity and query management is automated, removing the need for costly database administration.

System Administration

System Administration

Near zero IT resources required to support. As a self-managed system, all the tools for managing data feeds and users are available in simple to use interfaces.  Automated monitors ensure user connections and queries are valid and performant, removing the need for dedicated database administration.

Data Search & Filtering

Data Search & Filtering

Data searches are intuitive and powerful, with the ability to filter by Product, Lot, Sub-lot, Wafer, Product Family, Serial Number, Program, Process and more. All factory generated test, assembly and sensor data can be stored for rapid retrieval and analysis. This includes all logical, parametric and applied condition data.

Integration and Automation

Integration & Automation

Direct connectivity to data sources removes the need for 3rd party software, enabling rapid and scalable integration. Product line specific dashboard monitors can be created, for live broadcast on the shop floor. Test and measurement systems can be configured to directly query data for feed-forward quality control analysis, and advanced outlier screening. Automated yield excursion controls can now be implemented on the factory floor.

Data Sources

Data Sources

Built in support for standard data types and protocols including XML, TXT, CSV, STDF, ATDF, PD5, KLA, SINF, SEMI, and more.   Test and assembly machine systems such as Teradyne, Agilent/HP, Credence, BESI, AifoTech, KLA and 100's of others are supported. Supplier data sources supported include TSMC, Global Foundries, Tower Semiconductor, ASE, Amkor, STMicroelectronics, Delta Electronics, Fabrinet, SOITEC, IMT, and many more. Customized data parsers can be provided for any source.

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