Real-Time Visibility and Control for Advanced Manufacturing

Fully digitized traceability, for automated process and quality management.   

Direct integrations to machines and suppliers for automated reporting + alerts, with realtime inventory backflushing.  

Why RunCard?

Achieve Industry 4.0 capabilities today by digitizing factory operations, NPI to high volume global production.


A full featured Manufacturing Execution System that provides real-time traceability and control of your  manufacturing operations.

From a single factory shop floor to globally connected factories and suppliers.  Deployed on premise, cloud or hybrid, accessible from a secure browser connection anywhere on your network.

The most comprehensive machine and supplier data integrations in the industry, semi backend through SMT and final systems, our solution can be rapidly deployed to bring complete traceability in as little as 12 weeks.


RunCard System Benefits


Operational Improvement


check-circle-solid (1) Digitized tracking: batch & serial level
check-circle-solid (1) Workflow management

check-circle-solid (1)
Inventory & Asset management

check-circle-solid (1)Machine + IoT integration

check-circle-solid (1)Integration with enterprise platforms

check-circle-solid (1) Browser accessible

Rapid ROI


check-circle-solid (1)Low cost of ownership

check-circle-solid (1)Minimal training costs and risks

check-circle-solid (1)Continuous improvement


Systematic Improvement


check-circle-solid (1)Performance & yield tracking

check-circle-solid (1)Automated quality control, SPC

check-circle-solid (1)Product genealogy

RunCard Features

Data Capture


Complete digitized traceability, from lot batch level down to serialized units.  Track inventory consumption through to completed product, including rework of inline units, to RMA processing. 

Intuitive interfaces accessible via any browser-enabled device support manual entry with automated error checking.

Fully automate  transactions using machine data via web services (API), direct ODBC, file transfer and more.

Start automating traceability and quality control today.


Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling

Prioritize work orders based on real time data on capacity utilization, inventory and resource availability, with predictive time-to-deliver. 

Leverage deep data to drive more accurate demand planning.  Cycle times and yields across process steps, across different product groups with varying inventory requirements, coupled with machine utilization metrics.

Empowering higher precision planning to address today's supply chain complexities.. 

brain-solid (1)

OEE & Machine Learning

Track machine asset utilization against production process to achieve the most accurate and insightful  assessments of factory performance.

With automated monitors, tooling changes and maintenance schedules can be centrally managed.  Including the ability to automatically take systems offline per custom event rules.

Leverage deep contextual data to drive Machine Learning models, to go beyond OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with predictive maintenance and more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Built in Real-time Reporting for:

  • Line Loading / Running Status
  • Production Output + Yield
  • Operation Performance
  • Defect Analysis with First/Final Pass Yield
  • Job Status
  • Advanced SPC (Z-Score) Monitors
  • ...and more

Extend your capabilities by data mining directly with APIs and ODBC queries for custom report generation.


Change Management

Change Management

Advanced product configuration management enables seamless change over on the line.  

Leverage production control automation by digitizing processes, for portability of production lines and knowledge transfer.

Release level management and audit logs ensure compliance for highly regulated industries.

From NPI to high volume, low or high mix.  Build product the way you need to with a system that adapts to your requirements. 

Advanced Notifications and Alerts

Automated Monitors & Alerts

Enable automated email and/or SMS alerts for  events on the production line. 

From machine offline triggers, to product holds, to SPC limit trips, and more.

Automated monitors can be configured to take actions based on specific events.  Actions can range from simple notifications to full controlled stoppage of the production line.  

Go from reactive to pro-active in order to drive true operational performance improvements.


ERP/Accounting Integration

ERP/Accounting Integration

Robust easy to configure web services and file based transfers enable direct ERP and back-office systems integration. 

Reporting covers everything from production starts, to completions and inventory consumption.   Including batch and serialized unit traceability. 

Delivering higher ROI for your existing business management systems.

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