"Luxtera (now Cisco) has used RunCard for a decade. The tool is flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Product support is outstanding and product functionality is continuously expanding. RunCard is flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Product support is outstanding. Product functionality is continuously improving."

Gianlorenzo M
Principle Engineer

"We use RunCard to track all of our production. RunCard has a Modern interface, a flexible and growing platform with a remarkably complete feature set. Great support: We especially appreciate how responsive the team is when new features are needed or issues are uncovered."

Michael M
Engineering Manager

"I like the reporting and automation of process monitors. In our daily meetings, the main discussion is based on the automated report that comes from the system. All the necessary info in one thoughtful report drives the meeting."

Ron M

"Fantastic customer support: the staff at Intraratio have been exceptionally patient with us and very eager to help us with whatever we need to get off the ground and move towards being fully automated. Very modular and adaptable to even the most obscure processes in our manufacturing system. The integration into our test software is seamless and the browser interface is intuitive and friendly to new employees learning the system."

Nick A
Software Engineer

"We use RunCard to keep track of internal samples and testing. RunCard has a number of extremely useful built-in data query tools for mining data. I can easily find a single sample from a batch of hundreds, and retrieve specific pieces of information or just download the data for the entire batch all at once. The customer service is first-rate, with quick responses and remote support for quickly resolving any issues."

Brian F
Senior Materials Engineer

"Overall the quality, uptime, and potential are all there to make this a great investment. The fact that RunCard comes ready to work on day one is what blew us away. The traceability has been phenomenal."

Derek L
Production Business Associate

"RunCard helps us highlight yield and quality issues along with real-time WIP visibility.. Easy to configure, easy to use, and easy to access data. Very Powerful MES Tool, which controls our manufacturing line. Intraratio is very nimble and quick to help solve manufacturing problems by adding functionality when required."

Tim S
Director of Manufacturing Operations

"The RunCard and DataCard works great, thanks!"

Steven S
Manufacturing Engineer

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