Enterprise Data Interchange Management

Automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between suppliers, customers, machines and enterprise systems such as ERP and MRP.

Why ServiceCard?

Automate enterprise data interchange, from factory to machine/IoT, to suppliers and customers.

ServiceCard is an enterprise level solution for performing automated data transfers and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for direct B2B and factory integration.

Delivering supply chain integration capabilities for the factory of today and tomorrow. 

From automated machine data transfers for updated substrate mapping (semiconductor wafer, PCBA panel, etc.) to data interchange between suppliers and back office systems.

Deployed on premise, cloud or hybrid, accessible from a secure browser connection anywhere on your network.

Scale your enterprise data connectivity with near zero IT overhead.



ServiceCard Benefits

Supplier Data

Supply Chain Improvement


check-circle-solid (1)Automated supplier  data interchange
check-circle-solid (1) Business systems integration and reporting

check-circle-solid (1)
Realtime reporting and data management

Rapid ROI


check-circle-solid (1)Labor cost reduction, efficiency improvement  by removing manual data entry

check-circle-solid (1)Improved data accuracy and utilization of  business systems

Powerful Capabilties

Powerful Capabilities


check-circle-solid (1)Supply chain data integration

check-circle-solid (1)Automated business systems integration

check-circle-solid (1)Near zero ongoing IT support

ServiceCard Features


Data Transfer Automation

Create no-code data pipelines to transfer data from machine systems, external suppliers, business intelligence and ERP / MRP systems.  Includes data archiving and notification alerts based on user defined events.   


Account Management

Encrypt and securely manage account connection information for all machine, supplier and business systems sources, on premise within your network.  Includes SSH key file management, encrypted SFTP account login information, and API key storage.


System Administration

Near zero ongoing IT support required.  Enable and configure automated monitors and alerts to send out notifications when a data connection is lost, or invalid data is encountered.  Includes full system logging for traceability, debugging and audit purposes.



Eliminate dependencies on email and human glue to manage supplier data transfers and notifications.  Automate supplier data interchange for better traceability and control of today's ever growing supply chain complexity.


Transaction Automation

Reduce errors and labor costs due to manual data entry by automating transactions between data systems.  Automate production and inventory reporting between the MES, business systems such as ERP and MRP, as well as suppliers.


Data Sources

Web services (API) and file transfer integrations supported, including REST, SOAP, FTP/SFTP and  direct network mounts.  Existing business systems integrations include SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics and more.  Existing supplier data integrations include TSMC, Global Foundries, ASE, Amkor, and many more.  New data connections rapidly configured.

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